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The Foster Parent Co-op of Southwest Florida, Inc. is a charitable nonprofit providing foster parents, relative and non-relative caregivers with access to gently used or new items for foster children and teens. All items in the Co-op’s inventory have been donated. The Co-op also assists reunifying families and teens aging out of the foster care system. 


If a foster child is reunified with his or her family, they may keep all the items received from the Co-op. If a foster child outgrows anything they are using from the Co-op while in foster care, the items are returned to the inventory and the foster child receives the next size up of clothing or items better suited for their age.


The Foster Parent Co-op of SWFL Inc. does not receive any state or federal support. They function on monetary donations to keep the storage space open year round and the donation of gently used or new clothing, toys, and supplies to keep the inventory stocked. 

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From left to right:  Minnie, Kenneth, Jennifer, Hope & Ella.  They have brought in Nine Foster Children in the last year and a half. 

Watch the video of Jennifer and Kenneth as highlighted in the Naples News

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Read the full article about Jennifer and Kenneth's Foster Parenting experience.

If you are interested in donating to the Foster Parent Co-op of SWFL Inc., message or email us and we will respond promptly OR click on the DONATE NOW button and follow the prompts


If you are interested in sending items for the inventory, please message us to coordinate. 


All monetary and item donations are tax deductible and you can request a tax letter when sending in donations. Tax letters are only sent out upon request. Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number if requesting tax information.

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